Western Dressage Calling Audios with Heidi Adams


Western Dressage Calling Audio CoverWestern Dressage is taking the Equine World by a storm. 

Western Dressage Calling Audios with Heidi Adams are an additional training tool to help you achieve Relaxation, Cadence, and Consistency while working on your tests. 

Let Heidi Adams call for you anytime.  Download to your phone, or MP3 player, put on your ear buds, and your caller is ready.  The Audios will be custom called from Videos You submit.  Before Your Audios are produced Heidi will consult with you to find out your specific requirements.

Heidi Adams has called over 1,000 tests and will use that experience to create your audios.  Use of these audios will help you gain consistency of quality movements, relaxation, cadence and tempo.  These qualities are important when gaining mastery in Western Dressage and will help make your scores soar. 


Some Testimonials to Heidi's calling:


"Heidi you are the best. Some of us are totally lost out there in the ring without your encouraging guidance. Thank you!"  Bonny Garvey


"Heidi you are a great caller and helped keep me focused when I was nervous. You are awesome!Susan Bernauer


"I love it when you call the tests Heidi. There's something about your voice that is so calming yet energetic enough to keep me moving!"  Pam Sargent


These are just a few of the people that Heidi has worked with. 

Calling Western Dressage tests is not just about reading the words - Anyone can do that.

It is about adding all the other things -Encouragement, Energy, Confidence, Calm, Focus, Relaxation, a Rock, and a Road Map

That is what makes a Great Caller truly special. 

Some thoughts from Heidi:

 "I LOVE calling Western Dressage tests.

Ok - I can see some of you rolling your eyes - She just likes to hear herself talk. Those that have heard me call would say "having the whole neighbourhood" hear herself talk!!

Actually a dressage ring is a very quiet place with not a whole lot of energy to pick up on for the horse & rider. It is also a scary place - out there all alone so that mistakes stand out for all to see. The rider is worrying about their abilities AND will their horse listen to them and perform to the best of their ability as well. Will they forget the pattern and a hundred other thoughts running through their minds.

That is where the Caller comes in AND the reasons I LOVE calling Western Dressage tests

  • The Caller adds energy to the ring and lets their team know they are there for them 110%.
  • Seeing the confidence in each riders face as they start their test knowing I'm with them every step of the way.
  • The Caller is their teams road map and rock so that worry is non-existent and that team can and will perform to the best of their abilities.
  • The Caller is there to make sure when a mistake is made that the team gets back on track, leaves the mistake behind, and moves forward confident in the rest of their ride.
  • The Caller is the first person the rider talks to after their test with the High 5 and "Very Well Done". Also adding the little point or two about what went really well or what to watch out for next time.
  • Riding the test with them. In my head and under my breath adding the "get into the corner", "very nice circle", "pick up the pace", Those rides make me a better Judge, Clinician, Coach and Instructor for those individuals that put themselves in my hands.
  • Most of all I Love adding each individual to "My Team". The people I care about and am proud to watch.  It is my way of participating, in a small way, on Their Journey through life.


Calling Western Dressage tests is not just about reading the words - Anyone can do that. It is about adding all the other things - Energy, Confidence, a Road Map and Rock, the High 5's, being a better Judge, Clinician, Coach, and Instructor and adding people to My Team and participating in their Journey Through Life. 

One of my beliefs is that one of the main objectives in each of our lives is to live with as much Dignity, Honor and Grace as possible. Western Dressage is a way to achieve that dignity, honor, and grace. Every individual I have had the pleasure of meeting on this Journey with Western Dressage has taught me something about life. For that I am grateful."  Heidi Adams


Add Western Dressage Calling Audios with Heidi Adams to your Western Dressage Tool Box.  You'll be glad you did.


See You In The Western Dressage Ring!

These  audio recordings CAN NOT be used in competition.  They are strictly for use as a training tool and for visualization exercises.



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